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Our mission is your transformation!

Our mission at Enga is to make your learning journey personal, focused and enjoyable so that you can make teaching your full-time job and spread the benefits of yoga with communities around the world.

Our mission is your transformation!

Our mission at Enga is to make your learning journey personal, focused and enjoyable so that you can make teaching your full-time job and spread the benefits of yoga with communities around the world.

We know that speaking in English is completely different to teaching in English!

We understand it can feel scary or impossible, but teaching yoga in English is something you can learn

We also believe it is unfair that native English speakers get priority in recruitment processes because it’s their first language. We know it doesn’t make them better teachers. 

That’s why we offer you professional development so that, in English, you can:

  • teach more effective, inclusive and accessible yoga classes 
  • practise the language of cueing and yoga teaching techniques 
  • communicate more correctly, professionally and confidently
  • see your skills improving, and your yoga teaching career take off!

Hi, my name is Annie

Founder of Enga Unite, English teacher, yoga teacher and teacher trainer for multilingual yogis who want to manifest their dream careers in the world of yoga and wellness.

I’ve helped hundreds of English learners and yoga teachers find their voices and build the foundations of their teaching careers.

At Enga, I help you develop your communication, teaching and business skills to finally teach yoga to the people, and in the places, that you most desire.

My journey

Languages and different cultures always interested me. I was taught English, German, Dutch and French in school, but they told me I was bad at learning them. So, I really lacked confidence.
After overcoming a severe eating disorder, I went travelling to improve my languages and realised the importance of communication, developing a passion for the English language.
However, it was a difficult time because I couldn’t express myself clearly, and I lost a lot of self-esteem. Soon, my old mental and physical health issues started to return, but then I found yoga!
Yoga finally taught me ‘to be ok’ with the unknown. To stay confident and motivated to keep developing myself in all aspects of life, as well as finding joy and fulfilment!
This transformation brought me so many opportunities, that I knew I needed to share it with others on a similar path. That’s when I completed my English teacher education (CELTA), and my 500h yoga teacher training.
After building up experience in Scotland, Spain and Mexico, I united these skills and experiences to create Enga, for you. Because English not being your first language, is not a reason to give up on creating an international career!
In 2019, I hosted the first English for Yoga course in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Soon after, I launched our online learning platform with courses, programmes and resources for both yogis and teachers.
Their aim is to help you find your voice, expand your vocabulary, write expert sequences and mindfulness practices, improve your business communication, and much more.
I feel grateful and incredibly honoured to be sharing this journey of continuous development with so many other yogis on a similar path.

My mission 

It’s my mission to help multilingual yoga teachers, just like you, to overcome the obstacles that hold you back from thriving in the career that you most desire: teaching yoga!

My purpose is to share the transformation yoga has on a personal and professional level with yogis around the world. But to do so, we need more teachers that have the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach yoga internationally.

Without support, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I believe it’s incredibly important to give back to you and our incredible community by helping you broaden your work and study options..

With the work I do, I want you to get access to jobs and business opportunities worldwide. As multilingual yoga teachers from around the world, we can share, teach and communicate yoga to so many more souls. I provide you with education that amplifies your voice to break down your barriers to connecting with those souls and their lives!

Whether you choose to work with me on our online learning platform, listen to the podcast, or participate in our community group, know that I’m here for you and ready to guide you on your journey.

Love and gratitude,


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