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Awareness Before Anything

Imagine your computer crashing and shutting itself down. You restart and for a while, it works, but then it repeats the same action. Would you ignore and just keep restarting hoping that the problem eventually solves itself? Or would you contact a technician and sort the problem?

In our modern society, we often live on autopilot. We do the things we do unconsciously, without awareness, just because it’s a habit. Think of this simple question: ‘How are you?’ How often have you answered: ‘I’m good’ straight away, without thinking? 

Today, I’d like you to bring some awareness to how you really feel inside the body and the mind; emotionally and physically and, if you like, spiritually.

Train your awareness before anything.

During the day, your body gives off a countless amount of unpleasant sensations that are signals that you are very likely to ignore. A tingling in your limbs, shrugged shoulders, even losing your train of thought. They’re globally accepted and waved away as if it’s nothing. In the moment it’s nothing to worry about, but it’s your engine trying to draw your attention to your body’s needs which you’ve lost awareness of. 

Why do you want to be aware of your body?

Being aware of the body helps you to stay goal-orientated, waste less time (online), consume more healthily and eventually become happier, stress-free, and live a more fulfilling life. 

What stops you from being aware?

There are many factors that ask for our attention. Every day you look at your phone, laptop or whatever device, probably multiple times. You might have children, a demanding job, meetings and social gatherings (online). But, don’t start blaming all these external distractions! 

It’s the way you interpret these interactions. 

The number one factor that stops you being aware is stress. From mild  to chronic stress. 

Do you get stressed out by a full email box? A queue in the supermarket? Or your screaming (grand)children?

The way you handle so-called ‘stressful situations’ says a lot about how you feel in your body. When training your awareness you’ll find ways to calmly navigate these situations rather than letting them affect your wellbeing time after time. 


Fun fact:

Open posture and lifting the corners of your mouth lower your stress levels and increase your happiness! Ever heard of the term ‘herd animal’? Your mind works the same. If you smile, the mind thinks that you’re happy and follows what happens in the body.


Ready to train your awareness? 

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