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Spring for many of us means a new beginning. In some countries, it even means the start of a new year. It’s the perfect time to plant new seeds, make new plans and cleanse your body, mind and space for a ‘new start’. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll focus on ways of clearing out all the toxins from your body. You’ll extract negative energy and thoughts from your mind, and clean your living or working space for a healthier, happier life.


Clean your body and cleanse your body: what’s the difference?

Cleanse and clean are linked but imagine this: you cleanse the body when you intentionally consume or use foods, herbs or plants that are believed to detoxify the body and mind. Or, intentionally avoid ones that are believed to build up toxins. You might also use remedies to help you excrete them. However, you clean your body simply by having a shower or a bath. Cleansing is often a more holistic experience than cleaning because it’s more than just your physical body.

Cleansing often has a figurative meaning, and that’s why it applies so perfectly to our minds. Unfortunately, our minds aren’t like a chest of drawers: we can’t just reach in and remove the thoughts or limiting beliefs we don’t want. To cleanse the mind is also to do things that help purify your thoughts or maintain good morals. For you, that could be meditation, mindfulness, a run or writing in your journal.

Spring Clean Your Space!


When it comes to cleaning our homes, many of us only have time for the absolute minimum. However, spring time is the perfect season not only to clean the places and things in our homes that are left out normally, but also to get rid of all the useless things that you have accumulated over winter.


We live in a world that wants us to believe that we need way more than we actually do. But, living surrounded by lots of unnecessary things that don’t have a real place in our lives, results in a feeling of chaos. And it can be very distracting: a study by Princeton Neuroscience Institute concluded that having a lot of things in sight results in your brain getting confused: it doesn’t know which thing to focus on. (1)


Looking after your living or working space is as important as looking after yourself. As a yogi, you might already watch what you eat and move enough to stay happy and healthy. However, your living space is also part of you. It’s worth reflecting on your relationship with it and how it does or could affect your mentality and daily life. Perhaps giving your space, as well as your mind and body, a clean and cleanse this spring will give you some new energy to achieve what you want to this year.


Clean, cleanse and Introduction to Ayurveda Course

This month, get ready to learn about spring cleaning the body, mind and soul through the tools of ayurveda, yoga asana and mindfulness. You’ll explore the ayurvedic kitchen and speak about juicing with Anka and other special guests. You’ll practise yoga to cleanse, rinse and create more awareness. And, we’re starting with conversation classes in which you can practise speaking about your new learnings, meet your fellow yogis and get answers to any questions you may have.


Download the worksheet on the right to start with some self-exploration!



 (1) Vrcek, Laura. ‘Does a clear space really mean a clear mind?’, Headspace. Available at: (Accessed 18 February 2021). 

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