Feel secure in your skills to teach accessible, adaptable and more effective English yoga classes.

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Practise your yoga teaching skills in English; improve, inspire and get inspired in the company of like-minded yoga teachers.

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Enrich your yogic vocabulary bank; find the guidance to improve your English yoga practice.

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Invest in your professional development as an English yoga teacher; develop, improve and refine your skills.

Practise Yoga in English:​

Feel good; get inspired, develop and evolve.

Public yoga classes in English for all levels of learners and previous experiences.

These practices are for yogis of all kind and English learners.

Are you a yoga teacher or want to become one? 
This is your chance to observe Annie using different types if teaching techniques while enjoying the class.

Get inspired, take notes of things you’d like to include in your own classes. Enrich your yogic vocabulary bank and find the guidance to improve your English yoga practice.

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Practise Teaching Yoga in English:

Free Teaching Practice Opportunities for Multilingual Yoga Teachers

Teaching Practice

Gain the practice you didn’t get in your teacher training, or simply refine and improve your own teaching style. Use the techniques learned in the workshops to safely guide your students with language they and you are comfortable with.

Reserve your spot by hitting ‘join’ on Facebook, complete the survey or send and email to teachingpractices@engaunite.com.


Feel good; get inspired, develop and evolve.

Work on the unique challenges experienced specifically by multilingual teachers. Learn how to gain confidence and find your voice! Make your classes more adaptable by using appropriate language and a variety of options in common asanas. Theme and design safe and effective sequences and learn how to create your own offerings such as workshops, courses, or rituals.

*Upcoming dates to be confirmed*

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Weekly Free Events:

Get inspired, develop and evolve.

Weekly Training for Multilingual Yogis

This week we’re discussing 3 things (new) yoga teachers often forget and make all the difference in their yoga teaching journey!
Thursday 27/05 15pm CEST
Live on Instagram @engaunite & Facebook @Teach Yoga in English Support Group.

Weekly Q&A for Multilingual Yoga Teachers

Write your questions in the comment section on Facebook or send me a private message. Receive an answer in our live Q&A every week!
Fridays at 15pm CEST