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Fully embody your vision and build a purpose-driven career!

Boost your communication skills and receive personalized preparation to teach yoga, write for business purposes and speak in yogic environments confidently.

Are you ready to elevate your career and speed up your learning progress?

You know you’ve got something to share and your students are waiting for you. But to express yourself clearly or to set up your business feels a little overwhelming.

Right now, you feel your development has been put on hold and you’re stuck, not making progress.

To follow your mission, you’re in need of boosting your confidence and speed up your learning progress with classes completely tailored to you.

And that’s what I’m here for!

 These private sessions aim to: 

Inform your next career steps, especially if you don’t feel prepared to start teaching or doing your teacher training

Develop your communication and business skills so that you can transfer your expertise to your students

Evolve personally and professionally using these steps to start your own services and receive marketing and business tools and techniques to build a successful career

Choose the type of support you want

Launch your business

Choose for a 3 or 6 month private coaching programme to get your business up and running.

English for Yoga Teachers – Add On

A private coaching programme to magnify your yoga teaching skills and techniques.

Booster Session

Let me meet you where you’re at and analyse your progress then offer new strategies, unique insights and fresh eyes
(teaching, business, or both)

Private Coaching

6 x 75 min. 1:1 sessions


Original: $1490

6 x 75-minute private sessions
Recorded sessions sent to your email - revise whenever you like!
Feedback on your written website content
Feedback on your social media content​
Listed action-steps after every session
Detailed session summaries for progress measurement
Unlimited support through email or Whatsapp

English for Yoga Teachers 

A private coaching programme to magnify your yoga teaching skills and techniques.

This programme is an add-on to our English for Yoga Teachers Course. It’s for teachers that want to step up their game and receive private guidance with their personal challenges, goals and desires to reach their teaching objectives.

Private coaching causes you to be fully immersed in your learning experience, boost confidence and push you to start teaching in English straight away.

I’ll be by your side, holding you accountable and providing you with my undivided attention for the duration of the course. Based on your current experience, doubts, challenges, and desires we’ll set up a plan to achieve your career goals. I might also have suggestions for your own yoga practice so that you nurture your personal development to match your professional development.

You’ll get access to the English for Yoga Teachers course which will give you all the tools, knowledge and skills you need to start teaching in English confidently.

In our coaching sessions you’ll:

Ready to clarify doubts and continue your journey with a fresh perspective?

All you have to do is book!

Original: $259

First time: $197

Booster Session

Let me meet you where you’re at and analyse your progress then offer new strategies, unique insights and fresh eyes.

This single 60-minute session is tailored to you: your needs, goals, and biggest desire.

If you really want to become a thriving yoga teacher, mindset and realistic goals are key. But sometimes we need another perspective and fresh eyes to gain new ideas!

Let me give you impartial and professional advice for your career. I will help you overcome the obstacles you’re experiencing, lose insecurities and help you find resources or experiences that help you start trusting your skills to truly enjoy your teaching and/or entrepreneurial journey.

These Booster Sessions are especially for those that want to:

After this Booster Session, you can count on my support integrating the work we’ve discussed together and ask questions that may have come up after our meeting.

New to teaching yoga in English? 

Start here:

Teach Yoga in English: 

Course Bundle

The foundation of your international yoga teaching career starts here.

Now only $399

Free resources

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Find out what you already know and what you could improve about your yoga teaching language skills by taking this test.

10 Tips for Multilingual Yoga teachers

Overcome mindset blocks and improve your teaching skills by watching this video series of ten tips for multilingual yoga teachers.

QUIZ: What’s your style of teaching voice?

Discover how you communicate with your students and follow your personalised plan to build on the foundation of your teaching career.