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Enga took ‘En‘ from English and ‘ga‘ from yoga. Enga unites the English language to the yogic philosophy, lifestyle, studies and teachings. 

Yoga is a beautiful practice which means union that allows for self-development in connection with people around the globe. English is a tool to help you communicate and get inspired on your journey by those people internationally.

With Enga we want to contribute to accessible learning, help improve communication and gain experiences to share and inspire each other’s practice and teachings of yoga worldwide.

Are you a bilingual educator that would like to share their story on our podcast?

We strive for evolution, continuous development and union. We love to be inspired and are always open to new collaborations. 

If you are or once were an English learner and:

  • teach (adaptive) yoga of any kind
  • are active in wellness 
  • simply have a great idea

Share your ideas below:

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Is there anything you couldn’t find? 

Or would you like some more information?

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