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Whole Foods & Vegan Recipes

By Anka’s Vegan Kitchen

By Anka SImigh

Anka's Vegan Kitchen

I am Anka, from Hungary and I have been living in Scotland for over 6 years. I am very interested in yoga, mindfulness and healthy living, but particularly a plant-based wholefood diet and its benefits. I study sciences so I am always curious about the ‘why’-s and ‘how’-s. The biochemistry of nutrition fascinates me the most.

Anka's Food

At @ankasvegankitchen I share easy, simple, vegan recipes because I believe that you can also enjoy the benefits of eating healthily on a plant-based diet.

When I transitioned to a vegan diet over 4 years ago, my biggest challenge was my limited thinking: I didn’t know how to cook without animal products.

Over these years, I learned that the possibilities are endless. Plant-based meals are colourful and the benefits of a vegan diet are countless.

Now, I am here to bring you some inspiration and share ideas for adding more plants to your meals. I’ll help you see and feel the benefits as you get healthier and create new energy, helping you live your life to the full.


Corresponding with the season and theme of the month, Anka regularly shares her beautiful and delicious vegan and whole foods recipes with us. Have a look at her impressive collection, try it out at home and share your experience, thoughts and pictures.

Want to follow her creations online? Go to @ankasvegankitchen on Instagram!