Teach Yoga in English: Essentials


Learn to choose the right words to cue yoga asana in English

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Cueing is the art of verbally guiding students through your yoga asana classes.

It includes all the words, phrases, metaphors and expressions you use to teach yoga asana.

But how do you know which vocabulary works best?

What do you say/do when a student doesn’t understand you? 

And how do you remember all your cues and instructional phrases?

In this mini-course for non-native English speaking yoga teachers, I help you  make cueing easy so that you no longer have to doubt the way you speak and focus on your students instead.

Giving cues is more than giving instructions. 

Teaching yoga is different from leading a gym work-out. As a yoga teacher you’re a guide, mentor, and source of inspiration. 

Your cues are the door to alignment, self-awareness and reflection at the same time. And your word choice directly affects your students

Now, imagine teaching yoga in a foreign language… 

Where do you start learning all the words for body parts, verbs, and language for directions and movement? 

How do you know which words are inclusive and non-offensive?

And when you do know all the right vocabulary, how do you create sentences that are quickly understood by your students? And easy to remember for you?

Teaching yoga in a foreign language is a skill and we’re here to help you learn it!

See how Marta learned to teach in English!

Teaching with confidence starts here!

General English language classes don’t provide you with the language you need in a yogic setting. You learn how to order a coffee and make your way to the train station, but not how to guide your students in a way that’s accurate, accessible, and inclusive

This mini-course is designed to help you start exploring the language you need for your job as an English speaking yoga teacher.

What to expect?

Part 1:  Vocabulary for effective cues

Part 2: Clear sentence structures that are easy to remember

Part 3: The 6-step process to teach with confidence

What you’ll get:

What you’ll get:

14 pre-recorded videos to study at your own pace

Workbook for self-reflection and language learning

Worksheets to help you write cues that work

Added value

Private community

Lifelong support

Lifelong access

Find out what Laura and Sabri learned with us:



This is NOT for you if you…

Love to give orders to your students rather than teach with clarity and compassion

Prefer to blame your lack of knowledge for using confusing language

Don't mind losing students because they don't understand your verbal communication

Don’t feel ready to do the work to teach more effectively and with confidence

This is FOR YOU if you…

Are ready to do the work to overcome mindset blocks and language barriers

(Re)build the foundation of your language skills to teach with clarity and confidence

Learn effective sentence structures and still sound like and feel yourself

Develop your personal teaching language to express yourself authentically

Want to embrace the support of our community and my expertise to boost your international career

Meet Annie!

Hi yogi, my name is Annie.

It’s my mission to help you learn to teach yoga in English with confidence and authenticity.

I’m an English and yoga teacher (RYT500) and the founder of Enga Unite where I offer language and business education for multilingual yoga teachers.

Just like you, I speak several languages and know what it feels like to not be confident expressing yourself in a foreign language. Words get lost in translation, or don’t fully reflect what you really want to say.

Sometimes you don’t know the word at all and, especially when teaching yoga, it may make you worry people don’t understand you.

Finding resources to improve your communication and feel confident speaking to others can be a challenge. This is because the language we use for teaching yoga simply isn’t the same as what you learn in textbooks, hear in films or see on the internet.

I’ve helped hundreds of multilingual yogis through the process of learning English for yogic purposes. Therefore I know that even if English is a foreign language for you too, you’re capable of learning! I’ve designed this mini-course with a lot of care and would love to take you on a journey of self and language development to reach your professional goals! 

At Enga, I help you become the knowledgeable and inclusive teacher you want to be, so that you can share your passion with the world. 

Teach Yoga in English: Essentials

Learn to choose the right words to cue yoga asana in English.

Self-paced mini-course for non-native English speaking yoga teachers.


$ 39
  • 14 pre-recorded videos to study at your own pace ​
  • Workbook for self-reflection and language learning​
  • Worksheets to help you write cues that work
  • Lifelong support
  • Lifelong access

Kathy, Mar and Renée know how you feel!




Frequently Asked Question

This mini-course is for every multilingual yoga teacher who wants to develop their communication skills for teaching yoga in English! It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of training or (very) experienced. It’s the foundation of your teacher personality, student-teacher relationships and career goals!

Yes! Teaching experience isn’t required. This mini-course is all about getting to know yourself, challenges, goals and points of improvement, so that you can develop your personal teaching style. Actually, it’s the perfect first step to starting to teach in English. I recommend practising all skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) during and after this mini-course, to immerse yourself with the terminology that’s essential to your career. Always feel free to ask me to help you find resources that are suitable for you.

Yes! Just as all our other resources, this mini-course is designed for non-native English speaking yoga teachers. We try to deliver our materials in the most user-friendly way and take into account different levels of experience. If at any point you don’t understand, you can always ask for our assistance. Silly questions don’t exist!

Once registered, you’ll have life-long access to all the materials. That means even if you can’t attend the live sessions, you can watch, complete and revise the videos and workbooks after (as many times as you like). After 10/03/23, the mini-course is no longer free and will cost $19. 

The mini-course is hosted from the 10 – 12 of March. Everyday at 14pm CET, there’ll be a training session of about an hour. If you can’t make it live, you’ll be sent the replay to your email. The time you spend on the workbooks is up to you! I recommend taking your time to complete the materials intentionally, because learning and building a foundation isn’t something you do in one day!

They depend on the work you put in it. I’m helping you and am here to guide you, but the outcome of the course depends on your efforts. If you follow the steps and complete the workbooks the results will show straight away!

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