English for Yoga Teachers

Confidently teach yoga in English + build your international teaching career

Starts March 2023

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Imagine the yoga teacher career you dream of…

Would you...

 travel around the world, teach in sunny countries and explore new cultures?

… have your own business and offer a safe space for yogis to explore their practice?

… start your own YouTube channel and have the freedom to record videos on the move?

…  host retreats to help others break from their routines and connect body and mind?

Whatever your perfect teaching career looks like, chances are that you need to improve your English and yoga teaching skills so that you can break free and finally feel empowered doing what you love the most: sharing your passion for yoga!

When you speak in English, you may feel intimidated by other people causing you to feel blocked. You fear being judged on your accent and are so embarrassed of your pronunciation that you prefer to not say anything. 

You compare yourself to others and wonder why it’s so hard to express yourself. You are disappointed with your ability to show up authentically and doubt your skills and experience are inspiring enough to reach new students.

In teacher training you didn’t get enough teaching practice which makes you worry that your cues, knowledge of anatomy, sequencing, mindfulness and teaching vocabulary aren’t appropriate and effective.


To become a confident international yoga teacher, you know there’s work to do and you’re ready to take action! 

What impact would your ability to teach yoga in English have on you?

We asked our students and this is what they said … 

English is a world language, so by teaching in it the sky is your limit! 

Take action and build a sustainable yoga teaching career!

To feel confident teaching yoga in English and create the teaching career you dream of, you know you need to overcome self-doubt, stop passive studying and seek support.

But, the amount of online courses overwhelms you and you can’t seem to find a programme that helps you with your unique challenges as a multilingual teacher

You’re still best friends with Google Translate and rely on other people’s knowledge which causes you to keep postponing your professional development. 

To see progress and break free from these negative patterns it’s time to:

Find out why Marta & Laura love working with us!

Marta, 🇮🇹

Laura, 🇪🇸

Stop doubting yourself and delaying your progress – become the international yoga teacher you want to be!

This course will help you to:

You’ll learn how to:

This is your time to invest in your professional development and start teaching yoga worldwide.

What you’ll get:

4-month course curriculum

From language exercises to practising teaching skills, you’ll receive all the learning strategies, tools and support you need to make your learning journey productive and successful. We’ll meet live on Zoom for coaching, conversation classes, teaching practices, and personal feedback. On the online learning platform, you’ll find all your learning materials including workbooks, worksheets, journal prompts, quizzes, and more!​
(Value: $3000)

Live Coaching

Every module comes with a thorough coaching session focussed on building confidence, improving your language and communication, teaching techniques and even the business of yoga. These sessions will help you embody everything you learn in the curriculum.
(Value: $3000)

Live Teaching Practices & Personal Feedback​

Put what you’ve learned in the modules into practice and obtain the English yoga teaching practice you didn’t get in your YTT. You’ll learn how to teach more effectively and make use of your voice with some detailed, personalised feedback to make big improvements. ​
(Value: $1530)

Live Conversation Classes​ & Personal Feedback​

Learning a language isn’t complete without speaking practice. Improve your communication skills and fluency by speaking about yogic and teaching related topics with Annie and all course participants. You’ll be corrected on mistakes and get answers to your language questions straight away. ​
(Value: $1020)

Live Q&As​

Send in your questions and clarify doubts about anything that comes up during the course so that you can really make the most of the course contents.​
(Value: $510)

Workbooks, Resources & Journal prompts​

Put what you learn into practice by reflecting and practising Svadhyaya and completing the exercises to write your scripts, themes and sequences.​
(Value: $300)

Continuing Education Hours

After completing the course you'll be rewarded with continuing education hours that you can register with Yoga Alliance.
(Value: complimentary)


Learning to teach yoga in English is your first step to international success. These bonuses will help you define your purpose; vision and mission, find teaching opportunities abroad and create accessible and inclusive services your future students will love.

Find Your Yoga Teachers Voice in English Course

6 steps to teaching with your most authentic teaching voice, even in a foreign language!

• Understand your role as a teacher and become clear on your purpose in the field of yoga
• Uncover your teacher personality and teaching style
• Highlight your values to set clear boundaries for you and your students
• Define your skills and knowledge to set clear goals to pursue your ideal teaching career
• Learn the importance of communication and word choice so that you can teach more accessibly and inclusively
• Overcome your fear of teaching or speaking in front of a class, and no longer doubt your communication skills
• Learn how you can optimally use your expertise to make a much bigger impact on the lives of your students

Yoga Vocabulary Builder

An interactive dictionary of yogic terminology for teaching accurately and inclusively.

• Understand your learning style and find the techniques that help you learn and absorb new knowledge
• Find memorisation techniques that match your learning style and help you remember new vocabulary
• Define your teaching style and choose the right vocabulary in the right contexts for the purpose of each class or service you offer
• Discover new words and practise using them accurately in context to finally expand your vocabulary bank

TRAINING: Find our purpose and learn how to create an offering your students will love

‘Why is it that some teachers sell out their workshops in 1 day and why hasn’t this worked for me yet?’ Spoiler alert: it’s not your teaching skills, experience or personality - it all has to do with your purpose, vision, mission, the people you teach and how you speak to them. Learn how to understand your students better, write social media copies and attract the right people to your events, classes, workshops and retreats they can’t resist!

TRAINING: Creating collaborations and finding international teaching opportunities

Two know more than one and, as you’ll see, knowing yogis around the world will help you find and create amazing teaching opportunities. Learn how to find new associates, contact retreat and community centres, set-up partnerships and organise yoga events, classes, workshops and retreats with the people you admire.

TRAINING: Write a yoga teacher CV and cover letter in English

Learn how to write a CV and cover letter in English to international standards. We’ll explore important things such as the type of language and tenses to write in and how to find the right synonyms that really describe you and your experience. We’ll also look at design, fonts and colours to make your CV stand out. We’ll clear up common questions like if you should use a photo, and whether to include your insurance or Yoga Alliance registration. I’ll get very specific and explain how to create a killer yoga teacher CV.

Added value

Private Induction Meeting

Learning a language is extremely personal and everyone joins the programme coming from a different background. After completing the English Grammar and Yoga Vocabulary Level Test, you’ll be invited to meet Annie on Zoom to test your speaking skills, find out what you already know and what you could improve. Plus, we'll go through the programme details to make your learning journey personalised and focused on your goal.
(Value: $155)

Private Follow-Up​

Reflection is key when learning something new. Only when you take note of your improvements can you see how much progress you’ve really made. After the course, you’ll be invited to meet Annie for a follow-up session to reflect on the course, receive feedback on your progress and find out which elements you can still improve.
(Value: $155)

Private community

Meet your fellow yoga teachers in a private Facebook Group, take the chance to connect with an international, like-minded group of people that are on the exact same journey as you and count on each other’s support.
(Value: complimentary)

Course Buddy ​

We’ll pair you up with one of the other multilingual yoga teachers so you can develop and practise your new skills together and make a new international yoga friend!​
(Value: complimentary)

Life-long support

My team and I will be in contact all the way, offering personal guidance and both practical and emotional support.
(Value: complimentary)

Life-long access

Watch, learn and repeat all of the course content as many times as you like. Have you forgotten something you’d like to revise? You have lifetime access to the course curriculum and their updates!
(Value: complimentary)

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Find out how we’ve helped these teachers with their career

Judy, 🇹🇼

Renée, 🇭🇺

Juana, 🇦🇷


Declining international job offers because you think you can’t speak English well enough

Missing out on job and collaboration opportunities because you don’t have the vocabulary or speaking skills to communicate effectively

Losing engagement online because you can’t express exactly what you want to say

Doubting your teaching skills because, in training or in past jobs, you did not get enough teaching practice

Being scared that your accent or pronunciation in English makes you a less effective communicator/teacher

Waiting until ‘a better time’ because you believe one day these obstacles will magically disappear


Fill the gaps in your communication skills, gain confidence and feel capable of leading effective yoga classes in English

Develop your English vocabulary to cue your classes with accessible, up-to-date and inclusive language for mixed abilities and classes

Learn the appropriate grammar for instructional cues that you can now remember and are clear and easily understood by your students

Improve your pronunciation, fluency and overall communication to express yourself fluently and speak without self-doubt or fear

Gain the teaching practice and detailed personal feedback you missed or didn’t get in your yoga teacher training

Create a sequencing bank of your own themes and scripts, and and organise your own high quality international yoga offerings

Explore ways of opening you and your business up to collaborations and work opportunities around the world

Join the waitlist and save $350!

Meet Annie

Hi yogi, my name is Annie. 

I’m an English and yoga teacher (RYT500) and the founder of Enga Unite. At Enga, I help you become the knowledgeable and inclusive teacher you want to be, so that you can share your passion with the world and teach yoga in English with confidence.

It’s my mission to help multilingual yoga teachers, just like you, to overcome the obstacles that hold you back from thriving in the career that you most desire: teaching yoga!

My purpose is to share the transformation yoga has on a personal and professional level with yogis around the world. But to do so, we need more teachers that have the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach yoga internationally.

Without support, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I believe it’s incredibly important to give back to you and our incredible community by helping you broaden your work and study options.

With the work I do, I want you to get access to jobs and business opportunities worldwide. As multilingual yoga teachers from around the world, we can share, teach and communicate yoga to so many more souls. I provide you with education that amplifies your voice to break down your barriers to connecting with those souls and their lives!

Whether you choose to work with me on our online learning platform, listen to the podcast, or participate in our community group, know that I’m here for you and ready to guide you on your journey.

Love and gratitude,


Training weekends, teaching practices, asana labs, conversation classes and guided co-working are spread over four months. The exact schedule will be confirmed in February 2023 so we can ensure everyone who enrols gets the chance to join us live.

Teach Yoga in English Bootcamp

Embody your teacher Self and learn how to use accurate and inclusive yogic terminology that suits your voice.

Module 1:

Master your cues and learn how to communicate effectively and accessibly

Module 2:

Create an inclusive class environment by learning how to read bodies and offer verbal and hands-on adjustments

Module 3:

Advanced sequencing and learn how to theme, write and design asana, mindfulness and meditation scripts

Module 4:

Start your international yoga teaching career; find your purpose and create offerings your students will love

Investment vs Value

Invest in your professional development to better your communication and achieve your career goals!

TOTAL VALUE: $12.670

Check out your options


$ 1129 Payment plans available
  • 5 day Teach Yoga in English Bootcamp
  • Access to all training weekends
  • Access to all live teaching practices
  • Access to all live conversation classes
  • Access to all guided co-working
  • Private induction meeting
  • Private follow-up meeting
  • 4 month curriculum (lifetime access)
  • Access to all bonuses
  • Workbooks, resources & journal prompts​
  • Private community
  • Unlimited support
  • 50 Continuing Education Hours
most value


$ 779 Payment plans available
  • 5 day Teach Yoga in English Bootcamp
  • Access to all training weekends
  • Access to all live teaching practices
  • Private follow-up meeting
  • Workbooks, resources & journal prompts​
  • Private community
  • Unlimited support
  • 30 Continuing Education Hours


$ 299 Payment plans available
  • 5 day Teach Yoga in English Bootcamp
  • Private follow-up meeting​
  • Workbooks, resources & journal prompts​
  • Private community
  • Unlimited support
  • 5 Continuing Education Hours

Find out what Kathy, Cristina, and Renée learned 

Kathy, 🇩🇪

Cristina, 🇮🇹

Sabri, 🇦🇷

8 x 75-minute private sessions and 
unlimited support through email,
whenever you need.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in your learning journey and boost your progress?

All you have to do is enrol!


(Or, $2508 includes 4-month course curriculum)

Payment plans available!

Add On: Private Coaching

A 4-month private coaching programme to magnify your yoga teaching skills and techniques.

This coaching programme is an add-on to our English for Yoga Teachers Course. It’s for teachers that want to step up their game and receive private guidance with their personal challenges, goals and desires to reach their teaching objectives.

Private coaching causes you to be fully immersed in your learning experience, boost confidence and push you to start teaching in English straight away.

I’ll be by your side, holding you accountable and providing you with my undivided attention for the duration of the course. Based on your current experience, doubts, challenges, and desires we’ll set up a plan to achieve your career goals. I might also have suggestions for your own yoga practice and business so that you nurture your personal development to match your professional development.

Private coaching includes access to the English for Yoga Teachers course as the curriculum describes here above.

These coaching sessions are completely tailored to your needs and can therefore be focussed on teaching, but also business skills! Look at my suggestions below:

Watch, listen, and learn about the experiences these teachers had with Enga

Mar, 🇬🇷

Luan, 🇻🇳

Theodora, 🇬🇷

Alessandra, 🇮🇹

Julia, 🇲🇽

Ana Clara, 🇹🇼

Frequently Asked Questions

All our courses and resources are designed for a variety of levels of English learners. Some things might be more challenging than others, but we do our best to adjust to all students and learning styles. We have taught English to all levels and ages, including young children and the elderly, so we have a lot of experience in helping people like you. We aim to meet you where you are on your learning journey in English but please do not hesitate to get in touch in your language. We also speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch.

This course helps you embody the foundation of the teaching skills you’ve been developing and establish them in English. Plus, we provide you with the opportunities to actually practise speaking and teaching in the language. This course gives you the practical things you don’t get  in your YTT and/or real-life experience. It’s a perfect stepping stone between your general yoga teacher training and the reality of building a stable career in it.

The course includes live coaching, teaching practices and conversation classes for four months. After, you’ll have lifetime access to the course curriculum, the community and our support.

It’s for you if you’re ready to commit and put in real effort to learn the language of yoga, so you can teach a bigger clientele and find amazing teaching opportunities internationally, online or abroad.

The course curriculum contains four modules, spread over a period of four months. Every module includes a live training weekend on Zoom, weekly conversation classes, weekly teaching practices with personal feedback, workbooks, journal prompts, quizzes and much more!

About an hour every day will give you enough time to finish the course curriculum, workbooks and journal prompts and join the live sessions and practices. However, the course offers flexibility and you will be able to manage your time to suit other commitments. Naturally, the more time you commit to your learning process, the more you’ll see improvement.

Before we officially start the course, you’ll be invited to take the English Grammar and Yoga Vocabulary test and join Annie for a face-to-face meeting to find out where you are at. Results of the course dependent on what you already know, your aims, goals and how much work you really put in. You can expect to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities and your overall yoga teaching skills such as cueing, theming and designing sequences, which will help you gain confidence and effectiveness. You’ll learn about who and what you (want to) teach, where to find teaching opportunities and how to create services and collaborations worldwide. With the help of your integration and reflection session, you’ll be able to take note of all your improvements, as well as the face-to-face follow-up session at the end of the course.

Obstacles live inside your head. Learning English, learning to teach yoga, and learning how to teach yoga in English are skills no one was born with. For some people, these skills come more naturally, but wherever you are right now, I can guarantee that you are capable of teaching yoga in English. ‘If you can do this’ – is a choice you make yourself. If you’re committed to increasing your teaching opportunities worldwide, invest your time in professional development and count on the support from an international community and team that understands you, you’re ready!

This English for Yoga Teacher course will be repeated in the future, but not for the same price. All the material will be continually updated and extended to stay up to date with new inventions and discoveries. As a student, you have lifetime access and will stay inside the course community and curriculum at no extra cost

Our community is extremely international and we love it, so we plan to accommodate as many time zones as possible when scheduling our live sessions. The live conversation classes and teaching practices will be repeated so that you always have the opportunity to join at least once a week. During registration, you need to provide your time-zone and availability. This means that we can plan the classes according to your availability, and plan extra options wherever we can. Whatever the live schedule, all training and coaching sessions are recorded and sent to your email! So, you can catch up or repeat whenever you want to.

Learning English in a general class or setting doesn’t provide you with the language you need as a yogi or yoga teacher. Therefore, with your specific goal, general English classes are unlikely to be giving you what you need for your teaching career. This course is designed by English learners and English teachers who are yogis and yoga teachers and know exactly what struggles you’re going through and how to overcome them. Receiving the support from people that truly understand you will always be faster and easier than doing it on your own. You’ve likely already spent enough time on your YTT, so now is your chance to expand your network and increase your teaching opportunities around the world.

If you’re serious about your professional development and are committed, this course will be extremely beneficial. If you feel you’re falling behind, ask us for extra support, because we’re here to offer you educational and professional guidance. Remember that going at your own pace is an option as you’ll have lifetime access to all the material and the community. Should you, for whatever real reason, not be able to come to the conversation or teaching practices, we offer multiple dates and catch-up days throughout and after the course. For that reason, there are no refunds.

Yes, you will get a certificate to show your achievement, after you’ve completed the course. You’ll also be awarded 46 continuing education hours that you can register with Yoga Alliance. You complete the course if you do all the tasks and send in all your homework! 

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English for Yoga Teachers

Confidently teach yoga in English + build your international teaching career

Starts March 2023