English for Yoga Teachers:

write, theme and sequence your international yoga classes with confidence

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A new course starts in September 2022.

You are ready for the next step to building your own international yoga teaching career but...

…you don’t have the skills yet to teach yoga in English

you want to guide your students with holistic, meaningful practices that have a variety of themes and intuitive sequences but you’re struggling to present it in a way that’s easy for your students to understand.

So you need to first improve your vocabulary and knowledge of the body parts and instructions so that you can cue confidently.

You’re feeling stuck and you know that to live the life you want and to teach the best you can, you need to commit to developing your English language and yoga teaching skills.

Now’s the time to invest in your professional development.

    Teaching yoga can sometimes feel like a mental and emotional challenge...

    It’s common to feel nervous and to worry that you’ll forget the words, your script and sequence.

    You may even doubt if your English skills are strong enough to teach a class of English speaking students.

    At the moment it’s likely that you’re lacking self-discipline to improve your English teaching skills on your own. Or, if you’re telling yourself that you don’t have the time, then making a living teaching yoga in English will feel like an impossible task

    And this is because your yoga teaching dreams are like a jigsaw puzzle!

    You have most of the pieces, except a few fundamental ones that were missed out during your YTT or in your real-life experience.

    Those pieces include the right professional support, expert language development for yoga teachers, and the opportunity to practise teaching yoga classes in English. 

    Missing out on teaching opportunities is no longer an option for you.

    Your lack of confidence teaching yoga in English is stopping you from making progress. And, it’s making you sad. 

    In fact, you simply cannot continue…

    Learning to teach yoga in English isn’t simply a talent you are born with; it’s a skill you can learn!

    Learning a second language is a skill. Learning to teach yoga is another skill. And learning to teach yoga in another language is a separate, massive skill that doesn’t happen overnight.

    It takes time and determination

    It’s sometimes incredibly challenging.

    Feelings such as self-doubt and frustration are part of everyone’s journey. And if you think ‘will I ever be able to speak fluently?‘, ‘how will I ever learn all the vocabulary for teaching yoga in English?’,  or ‘will I ever be able to remember my sequence and scripts?‘, you should know that you are not alone. 

    Luan 🇻🇳 knows how you feel!

    It’s time to take real action so that you can build a sustainable yoga teaching career!

    You're ready to...

    tackle your limiting beliefs, transform self-doubt into accountability and stay encouraged; feel your yoga teaching skills in English develop

    learn the right words and expressions to confidently and effectively teach yoga classes your students will love, understand and come back to

    take the next step to becoming a productive international yoga teacher who can help others with your own retreats, workshops or other yoga services

    English for Yoga Teachers:

    write, theme and sequence your international
    yoga classes with confidence

    This is the missing piece of your yoga teacher skill set.

    In this course you’ll learn:

    The vocabulary you need for teaching yoga such as body parts, asanas, action verbs, phrasal verbs and prepositions. And you’ll learn how to remember them!

    To cue and give instructions in English so you can confidently lead effective classes. We’ll teach you different types of cues, out-dated cues and inclusive language and grammar

    To equip yourself with useful phrases for difficult/unexpected teaching situations and how to respect and embrace your teacher identity in English

    The language modification for accommodating a variety of levels and linguistic barriers giving explanations, suggestions, and multiple options using props to create an inclusive environment

    To write mindfulness and meditation scripts, including relevant and accessible language, metaphors and hypotheses so you can offer your students a well-rounded experience

    To theme, design and write asana sequences, focusing on appropriate themes, choosing the right language, and sequencing logically and intuitively

    Business bonuses which will explore how to write CVs and cover letters, find or create teaching and collaboration opportunities around the world, develop offerings and tips for teaching online

    Find out what our current students on the programme are learning!

    Ana Clara, 🇧🇷

    Ceci, 🇦🇷

    Julia, 🇲🇽

    This is your time to invest in your professional development and start teaching yoga worldwide.

      In this unique six month programme, designed especially for yoga teachers that are or have been English learners, you will finally feel confident in…

      your knowledge of the English language when used in yoga and teaching

      your skills for communicating effectively as a yoga teacher in English

      your ability to teach high quality yoga classes in English​

      By the end of the course you will have:

      Filled the gaps in your communication skills, gained confidence and feel capable of leading effective yoga classes in English

      Developed your English vocabulary to cue your classes with accessible, up-to-date and inclusive language for mixed abilities and classes

      Learned the appropriate grammar for instructional cues that you can now remember and are clear and easily understood by your students

      Improved your pronunciation, fluency and overall communication to make yourself understood and speak without self-doubt or fear

      Gained the teaching practice you missed or didn’t practise in your yoga teacher training

      Learned how to successfully theme, script, design, and write and organise your own high quality international yoga offerings

      Explored ways of opening you and your business up to collaborations and work opportunities around the world

      Meet Annie, your teacher and the founder of Enga Unite

      Hi yoga teacher, my name is Annie. I’m here to help you to find the courage and resources to develop your English language abilities and yoga teacher skills.

      As an avid language learner and passionate English and yoga teacher, I realised how different the language we use in yoga is from the language you learn in a general English class. I knew I had to help others like you (and me) by developing a course especially and only for yoga teachers that are ready to take the next step in their career of teaching yoga in English. 

      After teaching in the UK, Spain and all over Central America for years, I hosted the first English for Yoga Studio Course in Mexico. The restrictions of  Covid-19 pushed me to move everything online, which is now allowing me to help you become the confident and effective English speaking yoga teacher you want to be. 

      At Enga, I share the techniques that have helped me and hundreds more of my students in our English, yoga teaching and business development journey. Enga helps you gain the skills and experience you need for the professional and self-development that you feel you don’t have yet.

      Your story, learning style and goals are unique, but our challenges are very similar. Let me help you find the tools you can use to become a more confident, secure and knowledgeable multilingual yoga teacher who’s ready to teach internationally.

      What to expect?

      English for Yoga Teachers Course includes:

      6-month Course Curriculum

      From English language exercises to practising yoga teaching skills, you’ll receive all the learning strategies, tools and support you need to make your learning journey productive and successful. On the online learning platform, you’ll find all your learning materials including live workshops/coaching sessions, teaching practice, personal feedback, conversation classes, workbooks including worksheets, resources and journal prompts, quizzes, online exercises and more!

      (Value: $4000)

      Private Induction Meeting

      Learning a language is extremely personal and everyone will join the programme coming from a different background. After completing the English Grammar and Yoga Vocabulary Level Test, you’ll be invited to meet Annie on Zoom to test your speaking skills, find out what you already know and what you could improve. Plus, we'll go through the programme details to ensure real growth according to where you are at now.

      (Value: $150)

      Live Workshops & Coaching Sessions

      From mindset shifts for boosting your confidence and language for communication, to improving your teaching techniques and finding your voice as a multilingual yoga teacher. These sessions will help you embody everything you learn in the curriculum.

      (Value: $3000)

      Live Teaching Practices & Personal Feedback

      Put what you’ve learned in the modules into practice and obtain the teaching practice you didn’t get in your YTT. You’ll learn how to teach more effectively and make use of your voice with some detailed, personalised feedback to make big improvements.

      (Value: $3000)

      Live Conversation Classes

      Learning a language isn’t complete without speaking practice. Improve your communication skills and fluency in English by speaking about yogic and teaching related topics, and get answers to your vocabulary and communication questions straight away.

      (Value: $1500)

      Live Q&As

      Send in your questions and clarify doubts about anything that comes up during the course so that you can really make the most of the course contents.

      (Value: $2500)

      Workbooks, Resources & Journal prompts

      Put what you learn into practice by reflecting and completing the exercises to write your scripts, themes and sequences.

      (Value: $2000)

      Bonuses (see details below)

      Learning to teach yoga in English is your first step to international success. These bonuses will help you define your business aims and mission, find teaching opportunities abroad and create accessible and inclusive services your future students will love.

      (Value: $2500)

      Private Follow-Up

      Reflection is key when learning something new. Only when you take note of your improvements can you see how much progress you’ve really made. After the course, you’ll be invited to meet Annie for a follow-up session to reflect on the course, receive feedback on your progress and find out which elements you can still improve.

      (Value: $150)

      Online community

      Meet your fellow yoga teachers in a private Facebook Group, take the chance to connect with an international, like-minded group of people that are on the exact same journey as you and count on each other’s support.

      (Value: complimentary)

      Weekly community meet-ups

      Meet the other teachers on a weekly basis to exchange your experiences, practise teaching or speaking together, and cultivate long-lasting friendships and/or a professional network.

      (Value: complimentary)

      Course Buddy

      We’ll pair you up with one of the other multilingual yoga teachers so you can develop and practise your new skills together and make a new international yoga friend!

      (Value: complimentary)

      Unlimited support

      My team and I will be in contact all the way, offering personal guidance and both practical and emotional support.

      (Value: complimentary)

      Lifetime access

      Watch, learn and repeat all of the course content as many times as you like. Have you forgotten something you’d like to revise? You have lifetime access to the course curriculum, bonuses and their updates!

      (Value: complimentary)

      Join the waiting list and receive $350 off the full price of the course! 

      A new course starts in September 2022.

        Find out how the curriculum has Judy 🇹🇼 helped improve her confidence and language skills for teaching yoga:

        Learning to teach yoga in English means little without knowing how to use these skills and where to apply them.

        Business Bonuses!

        Bonus 1: Writing a yoga teacher CV and cover letter in English

        Learn how to write a CV and cover letter in  English to international standards. We’ll explore important things such as the type of language and tenses to write in and how to find the right synonyms that really describe you and your experience. We’ll also look at design, fonts and colours to make your CV stand out.

        We’ll clear up common questions like if you should use a photo, and whether to include your insurance or Yoga Alliance registration. I’ll get very specific and explain how to create a killer yoga teacher CV. 

        Bonus 2: Creating collaborations and (finding) international teaching opportunities

        Two know more than one and, as you’ll see, knowing yogis around the world will help you find and create amazing teaching opportunities. Learn how to find new associates, contact retreat and community centres, set-up partnerships and organise yoga events, classes, workshops and retreats with the people you admire.

        Bonus 3: Learn how to create an offering your students will love

        ‘Why is it that some teachers sell out their workshops in 1 day and why hasn’t this worked for me yet?’ Spoiler alert: it’s not your teaching skills, experience or personality – it’s the people you teach. 

        Learn how to understand your students better to create events, classes, workshops and retreats they can’t resist!

        Are you, like Belu, Coco and Theodora ready for detailed, personal feedback to
        improve your cues and teaching skills?

        Belu, 🇦🇷

        Coco, 🇯🇵

        Theodora, 🇬🇷

        Stop doubting yourself and delaying your progress - become the international yoga teacher you want to be!

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        Join the waiting list and receive $350 off the full price of the course! 

        A new course starts in September 2022.

        IMPORTANT: enrolment is open to a limited number of students. This is to keep your learning progress personal and effective.

        Choose your plan:

        Pay in full

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        prices are in USD

          Find out how Alessandra and Adriana have improved their teaching skills by joining the teaching practices:

          Alessandra, 🇮🇹

          ‘I gained more confidence in teaching a class, I learned a lot of new verbs and vocabulary… and I know how to structure and cue a class. I’d recommend studying with Annie because she’s super prepared, helpful and supportive’

          Adriana, 🇪🇸

          ‘I especially enjoyed joining the teaching practices when Annie gave me some really great and detailed feedback on the way I was cueing and I learnt a lot on inclusive language… I also got some great ideas on theming my own classes’


          We’ve got answers to your questions!

          All our courses and resources are designed for a variety of levels of English learners. Some things might be more challenging than others, but we do our best to adjust to all students and learning styles. We have taught English to  all levels and ages, including young children and the elderly, so we have a lot of experience in  helping people like you. We aim to meet you where you are on your learning journey in English but please do not hesitate to get in touch in your language. . We also speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch.

          This course helps you embody  the foundation of the teaching skills you’ve been developing. However, it helps you establish them in English. Plus, we provide you with the opportunities to actually practise speaking and teaching in the language. This course gives you the practical things you don’t get  in your YTT and/or real-life experience. It’s a perfect stepping stone between your general yoga teacher training and the reality of building a stable career in it.


          The course includes live coaching, teaching practices and conversation classes for 6 months. After, you’ll have lifetime access to the course curriculum, the community and support.

          It’s for you if you’re ready to commit and put in real effort to learn the language of yoga, so you can  teach a bigger clientele and find amazing teaching opportunities internationally, online or abroad.

          The course curriculum contains 6 modules, spread over a period of 6 months. Every module includes pre-recorded videos, workbooks, journal prompts and quizzes, one training/coaching session, one conversation class, one teaching practice with personal feedback, one week of reflection and integration with live Q&A.

          About an hour every day will give you enough time to finish the course curriculum, workbooks and journal prompts and join the live sessions and practices. However, the course offers flexibility and you will be able to manage your time to suit other commitments. Naturally, the more time you commit to your learning process, the more you’ll see improvement.

          Before we officially start the course, you’ll be invited to take the English Grammar and Yoga Vocabulary test and join Annie for a face-to-face meeting to find out where you are at. Results of the course are dependent on what you already know, your aims, goals and how much work you really put in. You can expect to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities and your overall yoga teaching skills such as cueing, theming and designing sequences, which will help you gain confidence and effectiveness. You’ll learn about who and what you (want to) teach, where to find teaching opportunities and how to create services and collaborations worldwide. With the help of your integration and reflection weeks, you’ll be able to take note of all your improvements, as well as the face-to-face follow-up session at the end of the course.

          Obstacles live inside your head. Learning English, learning to teach yoga, and learning how to teach yoga in English are skills no one was born with. For some people, these skills come more naturally, but wherever you are right now, I can guarantee that you are capable of teaching yoga in English. ‘If you can do this’ – is a choice you make yourself. If you’re committed to increasing your teaching opportunities worldwide, invest your time in professional development and count on the support from an international community and team that understands you, you’re ready!

          This English for Yoga Teacher course will be repeated in the future, but not for the same price. All the material will be continually updated and extended to stay up to date with new inventions and discoveries. As a student, you have lifetime access and will stay inside the course community and curriculum at no extra cost

          Our community is extremely international and we love it, so we plan to accommodate as many time zones as possible when scheduling our live sessions. The live conversation classes and teaching practices will be repeated twice a week. During registration, you need to provide your time-zone and availability. This means that we can plan the classes according to your availability, and plan extra options wherever we can. Whatever the live schedule, all training and coaching sessions are recorded and sent to your email! So, you can catch up or repeat whenever you want to.

          Learning English in a general class or setting doesn’t provide you with the language you need as a yogi or yoga teacher. Therefore, with your specific goal, general English classes are unlikely to be giving you what you need for your teaching career. This course is designed by English learners and English teachers who  are yogis and yoga teachers and know exactly what struggles you’re going through and how to overcome them. Receiving the support from people that truly understand you will always be faster and easier than doing it on your own. You’ve likely already spent enough time on your YTT, so now is your chance to expand your network and increase your teaching opportunities around the world.

          If you’re serious about your professional development and are  committed, this course will be extremely beneficial.  If you feel you’re falling behind, ask  us for extra support, because we’re here to offer you educational and professional guidance. Remember that going at your own pace is an option as you’ll have lifetime access to all the material and the community. Should you, for whatever real reason, not be able to come to the conversation or teaching practices, we offer multiple dates and catch-up days throughout and after the course. For that reason, there are no refunds.

          Yes, you will get a certificate to show your achievement, after you’ve completed the course. You complete the course if you do all the tasks and send in all your homework! 

          Annie does an amazing job setting the tone by integrating the theme into the practice. She helps you to become open and allow the messages to sink in through movement! Her energy is soothing and encouraging giving you the confidence to try new things on the mat and reminding us that "our bodies are much more capable then our minds think".
          Katie 🇺🇸
          During the quarantine, I started practising yoga with Annie from Enga, and it’s really helped me to get through these difficult times. Annie is an excellent teacher. She knows what she’s doing, she’s very kind, and her classes are awesome. I strongly recommend her to people from all over the world.
          Israel 🇲🇽
          Attending Annie's yoga classes was such a joy. The vinyasa flows were the perfect mix of easy & challenging. She's caring, interactive, knowledgeable and even took the time to research and share alternative stretches for my injury. Her calming voice and great music taste are a definite plus, too.
          Kelsey 🇺🇸

          Reserve your spot!

          Join the waiting list and receive $350 off the full price of the course! 

          A new course starts in September 2022.

          IMPORTANT: enrolment is open to a limited number of students. This is to keep your learning progress personal and effective. 

          Pay in full

          Waiting list discount: 

          $ 1129 

          Usually $1479

          6 Month Plan

          Waiting list discount: 

          $ 191 / month 

          Usually $ 249 / month 

          prices are in USD