Find your yoga teacher voice in English

6 steps to teaching with your most authentic teaching voice, even in a foreign language!

Don’t you want to speak with clarity and confidence, even when teaching in a foreign language?

Isn’t it time for you to learn how to express your knowledge and skill by owning your teacher’s voice?

What if you could teach in English internationally, online and abroad without losing theessence of your
personality in a foreign language?

In this course, I’ll take you through 6 essential steps that will ensure you find your voice in English as a multilingual yoga teacher!

Hi yoga teacher!

I see you comparing yourself to other teachers! I can even hear you thinking…

  • ‘I’ll never be like them’
  • ‘Who and why would they come to my class?’, and
  • ‘I wish I could speak as well as they do when I teach’

But, darling, just be yourself!

This isn’t the time to compare yourself to other teachers. Students love a teacher they can trust, and the most trustworthy teachers are the ones who are authentic. What attracts a student to a teacher is what makes them different from the rest, not the same! They want to know the real you!

This is your time to shine bright and uncover your authentic, multilingual yoga teacher voice!

So, what is your authentic teacher’s voice?

Teaching with your authentic teacher’s voice means you embrace your true Self and teach without trying to be someone else. Without hiding your unique areas of knowledge and skill, personality, values, background, or your natural way of speaking.

To find this authentic voice, you will let go of:

  • Unrealistic or unhealthy expectations
  • the fear of being judged
  • the fear of making mistakes
  • negative thoughts that make you feel less than enough

Things that stop you teaching as your REAL Self, with your authentic voice!

There’s no point in knowledge and certificates if you don’t have the voice to deliver it in real life. Considering the number of yoga teachers around the world, we can’t understand why almost no time is dedicated to this!

And that’s why we’re offering this course…

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The foundation of your international yoga teaching career starts here!

Learning a language is a skill. Completing your yoga teacher
training is an achievement. But, owning your voice and showing up
as your true Self while teaching (a group of) people requires you to
invest in your professional development!

On this course, you’ll:

Understand your role as a teacher and become clear on your purpose in the field of yoga

Uncover your teacher personality and teaching style

Highlight your values to set clear boundaries for you and your students

Define your skills and knowledge to set clear goals to pursue your ideal teaching career

Learn the importance of communication and word choice so that you can teach more accessibly and inclusively

Overcome your fear of teaching or speaking in front of a class, and no longer doubt your communication skills

Learn how you can optimally use your expertise to make a much bigger impact on the lives of your students

By the end of this course, you’ll have found your own teacher’s voice in English, which allows you to teach as your authentic Self, despite teaching in a foreign language!

What you’ll get:

8 video lessons

Quizzes to check your understanding

Thorough workbook for self-reflection and goal-planning

Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance

Life-long support

Private community

Life-long access

What you’ll get:

In-depth training videos

(with subtitles and transcripts)

Quizzes to check your understanding​

Thorough workbook for self-reflection and goal-planning​

You will also get:

YACEP Continuing Education Hours

2 Continuing Education hours
with Yoga Alliance


Life long support

A private community


Life-long access

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Ana Clara

This is NOT for you if…

Believe you will never be loved by your students

Want to waste your teaching career and give up on international opportunities

Devalue your skills and the knowledge you’ve gained in YTT

Are not ready to confront yourself and do the work

This is FOR YOU if…

Want to teach confidently, without comparing yourself to others

Want to speak with clarity, without doubting your words

Are ready for a lot more teaching opportunities, worldwide

Want to teach more inclusively to reach more students

You feel that your students would benefit more if you could communicate the real you when teaching in English

Are ready to do the work!

Meet Annie

Hi yogi, my name is Annie. I’m an English and yoga teacher (RYT500) and the founder of Enga Unite, an online learning platform for multilingual yoga teachers.

Just like you, I speak several languages and know what it feels like to not be fully comfortable with my personality in every language. Words get lost in translation, or don’t fully reflect what we really want to say. Sometimes we don’t know the word at all and, especially when teaching yoga, it may make you worry people don’t see or understand the real you.

At Enga, I help you become the knowledgeable and inclusive teacher you want to be, so that you can share your passion with the world and teach yoga in English with confidence.

Investment vs Value

Invest in your professional development to achieve your teaching career dreams!



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for three months

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for every multilingual yoga teacher who wants to find their teacher’s voice in their first or a foreign language! It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of training or (very) experienced. It’s the foundation of understanding and establishing your teacher personality and career goals! 

Yes! Teaching experience for the development of your voice isn’t required. This course is all about getting to know yourself and yourvalues when teaching, so that you can develop your voice. Actually, it’s the perfect first step to starting to teach in English. I recommend practising all skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) during and after this course, to get used to the terminology used in yoga classes. Ask me to help you find resources that are suitable for you.

Yes! Just as all our other resources, this course is designed for non-native English speaking yoga teachers. We try to deliver our materials in the most user-friendly way and take into account different learning styles. If at any point you don’t understand, you can always ask for our assistance. 

You will have life-long access to all the course materials and their updates. That means you can watch, complete and revise the videos and workbooks as many times as you like.

The course is self-paced and lasts as long as you want it to. The videos have a total duration of ____ hours, but the time you spend on the workbooks is up to you! I recommend really taking your time to reflect and complete all the questions, because learning and building your foundation isn’t something you do in one day. 

The results you achieve depend on the work you put in it. I’m helping you and am here to guide you, but the outcome of the course depends on your efforts. If you follow the steps and complete the workbooks to understand and define your own unique teaching qualities, the results will show straight away! 

If you’re serious about your professional development and are committed, this course will be extremely beneficial. It’s about your attitude: if you take responsibility and use the materials the way we suggest, it is impossible not to make massive progress! Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials and the community, too and you can ask us for extra support, because we’re here to offer you educational and professional guidance. For that reason, there are no refunds. If you aren’t satisfied with the content however, please get in touch so we can reach an understanding! 

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