International Yoga Teacher Summit

Build a successful, thriving international yoga teaching career, online and abroad.

19 – 21 August 2022

3 days of expert interviews, masterclasses, training, Q&As and real-time action-taking

More than ever, our busy societies cause us stress, overwhelm, and a loss of our sense of Self. Many live day by day, hoping to-do lists will magically become shorter. Wishing to fit in a quick workout, but then find themselves working overtime. And as a result, they keep postponing their self-care routines, and they end up burned out.

Personal development coaches, spiritual healers and yoga teachers never experienced such a rapid growth of the demand for their services. 

The world as it is today means we need guidance. So many people are looking actively for the practices, tools and lifestyle yoga has to offer. They need a new strength, a change or transformation, but don’t yet know how and where to find their solutions. 

They’re in need of community and teachers that can help them live a happier, healthier and more purposeful lives. So what better time to elevate your expertise and build your own international yoga teaching career? 

Yoga communities around the world need you, and you know it.

In yoga teacher training, you were taught the techniques to teach asana to your students. But you most likely didn’t learn how to make your classes accessible and inclusive or set up your own business, find clients, and make teaching yoga a sustainable career. 

Which of these are you? 

You’re tired of teaching a full-time class schedule and want to find more fulfillment.

Teaching yoga is your second job, but you want to make it your main source of income.

You feel there’s too much competition and doubt there’s room for you to share your expertise and have postponed your teaching career altogether.

Wherever you find yourself, I believe,
you have a purpose. 

It’s your Dharma to share the life-changing possibilities yoga can have with the world. You’re here to serve your clients and students and offer the endless benefits of this transformational practice. 

And that’s why we unite! 

To offer quality education that truly helps you build a successful career in the world of yoga. To give you the resources to effectively develop your yoga teaching skills and grow your business

With this summit, we want to introduce you to a much wider variety of career opportunities so that you can make a living and share your passion for yoga with the world.

3 days of expert interviews, masterclasses, training, Q&As and real-time action-taking.

And receive daily challenges to hold yourself accountable for achieving the dreams you have for your international teaching career.

Expert Interviews

Get inspired by these multilingual yoga teachers that have a vision and created the international teaching career they have always dreamed of.

Amy McDonald​

Spiritual Business Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Founder of the Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast

Lara Heimann

Yoga Teacher, Physical Therapist, and Founder of LYT YOGA​

Cory Sterling

Lawyer, Wellness Expert, Author of The Yoga Law Book and Founder of Conscious Counsel

Kelly McHugh

Yoga Teacher, Business Coach, CEO and Founder of the Digital Yoga Academy

Susanne Rieker

Yoga Teacher, Wellness Business Coach, and Founder of the Blissful Biz Podcast

Erica Hartnick

Founder of Yoga Trade, Mindful Adventurer, and Connection Catalyst

Cora Geroux​

Yoga Teacher, Business Coach, and Founder of The Business of Teaching Yoga Podcast


Mantra Musician and Voice Empowerment Coach

Annie Au

Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer, Business Coach, and Founder of Annie Au Yoga

Dagmar Spremberg

Multilingual Yoga Teacher, Retreat Host, and Founder of Montezuma Yoga

Marylene Henry

Multilingual Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, and Founder of ZazYoga

Cristina Arango

Women’s Wellbeing Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Caroline Layzell

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Retreat Host

Lisa Lohmann

Co-Founder of Wide Ocean Retreat, Marketing & Retreat Leader

Amy McDonald

Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Founder of Evolution Lab Yoga

Marisa Cranfill

Yoga Teacher, Qigong Instructor, and Founder of YOQI

Master Classes

Get your yoga teaching skills and business strategies in place to no longer doubt yourself and feel overwhelmed with tech and possibilities.

Gwen Fereirra ​

Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Business Strategist, and Founder of Elevate Your Career

Mark Breadner

Founder of YogaCoach, Master Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Yoga Educator

Gabi Metz

Yoga Teacher, Marketing Expert, Business Coach, and Founder of the Content Yogi

Wivi-Anne Nyberg

Multilingual Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, and Founder of the Ayur Yoga Academy

Manu de la Torre

Multilingual Yoga Teacher, Business Coach, and Founder of Emprendedores del Yoga

Jeremy Devens

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Astrologer, and Founder of Quietmind Yoga


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Yoga Alliance


With Annie Dunhof, Founder of Enga Unite

During this summit, I’ll guide you through a proven framework to optimise the foundation of your international career – and give you daily challenges (homework) so that you can set yourself up for success!

Hi yoga teacher, my name is Annie. 

Five years ago, I had a vision and knew I needed to help yoga teachers like you with learning English and communication skills for the yogic environment to teach yoga worldwide. 

I was an English teacher and yoga teacher and had the tools and experience to make it happen, but I had no idea where to start. My first teaching experiences got me where I am today, but they didn’t fulfill me. I worked mediocre jobs, teaching English to everyone, from toddlers to Cambridge exam preparation, and drop-in yoga classes in private and random studios. I felt super unbalanced, but I needed the jobs to pay my bills. 

Working all over the place, without any structure or clear vision burned me out. I was living day by day, without following my actual purpose. So I rarely succeeded, felt inadequate, less confident and watched my goals slowly become wild dreams. 

Now I realise the issue: I had not established the fundamental ways that would allow me to develop professionally and help me pursue my dream to help teachers like you to build an international career. 

I wish someone had shown me this before! And that’s why I’m hosting this summit. To help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from teaching internationally, so that you can finally make teaching yoga a sustainable, profitable and fulfilling career. 

Live Schedule

Join us from the 19th – 21st of August

Friday, 19 August

Gwen Ferreira - 10am CEST
Mark Breadner - 13pm CEST
Annie Dunhof - 16pm CEST

Saturday, 20 August

Gabi Metz - 10am CEST
Annie Dunhof - 14pm CEST
Wivi-Anne - 16pm CEST

Sunday, 21 August

Manu de la Torre - 12pm CEST
Annie Dunhof - 14pm CEST
Jeremy Devins - 16pm CEST

All sessions last between 45-60 minutes. If you can’t attend the live meeting, you can catch up with the recordings on the learning platform straight after. All other interviews are pre-recorded and will be released on our online learning platform.

Added value

Private community

Meet your fellow yoga teachers in a private Facebook Group, take the chance to connect with an international, like-minded group of people who are on the exact same journey as you and count on each other’s support.

Life-long support

My team and I will be in contact all the way, offering personal guidance and both practical and emotional support.

Live Q&A

Send in your questions and clarify doubts about anything that comes up during the course so that you can really make the most of the course contents.

$350 discount on our English for Yoga Teachers course

Upon completion, receive a $350 discount voucher for the English for Yoga Teachers Course. The next course will start in September 2022.






Ana Clara

This is FOR YOU if you…

Lack the confidence and self-belief and don’t even dare to set goals for yourself

Can’t find the motivation to take action to work on your professional development

Feel stuck, anxious or overwhelmed by possibility, not knowing where to start or how to continue

Are eager to learn from a group of multilingual yoga teachers, coaches, and mentors whose strategies have shown it’s possible to build your own international career

Learn how communication and word choice affect your students and your student-teacher relationships

Inspire your students and use expressions that enrich their yogic experience

Create an inclusive environment for students, making them feel safe, appreciated and respected

Access a lot more teaching opportunities, worldwide

Do the work and reach your goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

This summit is for every multilingual yoga teacher who wants to build an international yoga teaching career! It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of training or (very) experienced: this is about building a stronger foundation for your teachings, communication and business skills. 

Yes! Just like all our other resources, this summit is designed for non-native English speaking yoga teachers. We try to deliver our materials in the most learner-friendly way and take into account different levels of experience and learning preferences. If at any point you don’t understand, you can always ask for our assistance. Silly questions don’t exist! 


You will have limited access to the pre-recorded and live videos, as well as the replays. Access will expire two weeks after the summit. That means you can watch, complete and revise the videos up till 4th of September 2022. 


The summit lasts from the 19th – 21st of August – that’s three days. 

I recommend joining live as this will hold you accountable for your learning progress. You get the chance to meet other summit participants, and of course, ask your questions to the guest speakers. If you can’t make it live, you’ll be sent the replays to your email at the end of each day. Remember that you have access to these replays up till the 4th of September 2022. 


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International Yoga Teacher Summit

Build a successfulthriving international yoga teaching career, online and abroad.

19 – 21 August 2022