Teach Yoga in English

Course Bundle​

Embody your role as a yoga teacher; find your voice & learn accurate and inclusive yogic terminology to teach with confidence and authenticity.

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Teach Yoga in English

Course Bundle​

Embody your authentic Self and learn how to use accurate and inclusive yogic terminology that suits your teaching voice.

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Teach Yoga in English

Course Bundle​

Embody your authentic Self and learn how to use accurate and inclusive yogic terminology that suits your teaching voice.

Join now for only $399

Hi yoga teacher!

What if you could expand your career and teach yoga in English online and/or abroad? 


I’m here to teach you the language you need to communicate clearly, accurately and inclusively! This is your chance to guide your students with confidence and make your classes completely transformational.

In this course bundle, I’ll take you through 6 essential steps to help you find your voice in English as a multilingual yoga teacher. And, you’ll learn the vocabulary that suits your personal teaching style so that you can teach and speak without losing the essence of your personality.

I understand what it’s like to doubt your words and accent when speaking in English and how challenging it can be to communicate clearly or find phrases that make your cues easy to remember.


You may think you’re repetitive and your students find your classes boring. Or you believe that you don’t know enough and your cues lack imagination or creativity. You want to be able to guide your students in a way that’s accurate, safe, informative, but also inspiring!

 Students love a teacher they can trust, and the most trustworthy teachers are the ones who are authentic. What attracts a student to a teacher is what makes them different from the rest, not the same! They want to get to know the real you!


This is your time to uncover your personal teaching style in English; learn yogic vocabulary, phrases and expressions to deliver services your students love! 

Digital learning apps and general English language classes don’t provide you with the communication skills you need for teaching yoga. Most yoga teacher training doesn’t have a focus on language development either, so finding the right resources to help you speak and teach fluently in a foreign language can be extremely challenging.

The language we use in a yogic setting is very specialist. Learning it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and determination and without the right support, you can feel inadequate, doubt your skills, get distracted and delay your goals.

To teach with authenticity you need to: 

The Teach Yoga in English Course Bundle provides you with these steps and more to help you cultivate deeper and more effective student-teacher relationships! 

Join now for only $499!

Learning a language is a skill. Completing your yoga teacher training is an achievement. But, owning your voice and showing up as your true Self while teaching people requires you to invest in your professional development!

This course bundle aims at developing your teaching voice and makes language learning easy because it’s relevant to your career goals, but also personal and fun.

You’ll be able to use what you learn straight away so that you can offer authentic classes and services.

This bundle helps you:

This is the time to uncover your authentic teacher voice so that you can master your language skills to improve the quality of your classes and student-teacher relationships!

What you’ll get:

3 courses + 1 bonus course

  • Teach Yoga in English: Essentials
  • Teach Yoga in English: Find Your Voice
  • Teach Yoga in English: Vocabulary Builder
  • Your Yoga in English: Mini-Course

  • 10 categories of yogic vocabulary and phrases

  • Terms with definitions
  • Example sentences with terms in context
  • Flashcards
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Tests

  • The categories include

  • Asana names
  • Physical sensations
  • Adjectives (incl. emotions and personality)
  • Prepositions & language for direction
  • Body parts & advanced anatomy
  • Ethics (including the Yamas and Niyamas)
  • Outdated & inappropriate phrases and cues
  • Props & equipment
  • Metaphors & expressions for mindfulness
  • The business of yoga

  • Pre-recorded video training to study at your own pace


  • subtitles
  • slides
  • transcripts

  • 6 steps to finding your teacher’s voice in English

    5 steps for learning words in context

    8 memorisation techniques for learning vocabulary

    Interactive quizzes to practise and test your knowledge

    Worksheets to help you write cues that work

    A workbook to apply learning techniques and check your understanding

    A workbook for self-reflection and goal-planning

    Fillable notebooks for written practice and keeping revision notes

    10 Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance

    Added value

    Journal prompts

    Put what you learn into practice by reflecting and completing the exercises, journal prompts and using the worksheets for memorization techniques according to your learning style.

    Life-long support

    My team and I will be in contact all the way, offering personal guidance and both practical and emotional support.

    Life-long access to ongoing updates and revisions

    Watch, learn and repeat all of the course content as many times as you like. Have you forgotten something you’d like to revise? You have lifetime access to the course curriculum and their updates!

    $350 discount on the next course

    Upon completion, receive a $350 discount voucher for the next course on the Teach Yoga in English Course Journey.

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    This is NOT for you if you…

    Want to waste your teaching career and give up on international opportunities.

    Think it’s too late, you’re too old or not clever enough to learn English for yoga.

    Would rather spend your teaching career teaching the same things over and over.

    Want to keep doubting your words or feeling stuck using the same cues.

    Believe you will never be loved by your students.

    Are not ready to commit to your professional development and spend time studying.

    This is FOR YOU if you want to…

    Teach confidently, without comparing yourself to others.

    Speak with clarity, without doubting your words.

    Gain fluency and be able to use words that reflect your teaching style and personality.

    Start using synonyms and alternative phrases, without doubting the context.

    Learn how communication and word choice affect your students and your student-teacher relationships.

    Inspire your students and use expressions that enrich their yogic experience.

    Create an inclusive environment for students, making them feel safe, appreciated and respected.

    Access a lot more teaching opportunities, worldwide.

    Do the work and reach your goals!

    Meet Annie

    I’m an English and yoga teacher (RYT500) and the founder of Enga Unite. At Enga, I help you become a confident, knowledgeable English speaking yoga teacher.

    It’s my mission to help multilingual yoga teachers, just like you, overcome the obstacles that hold you back from thriving in the career that you most desire so that you can share your passion with the world and teach yoga in English with total confidence.

    My purpose is to spread the transformation yoga has on a personal and professional level with yogis around the world. But to do so, we need more teachers that have the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach yoga internationally.

    Without support, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I believe it’s incredibly important to give back to you and our community by helping you broaden your work and study options.

    With the work I do, I want you to get access to jobs and business opportunities worldwide. As multilingual yoga teachers from around the world, we can create a domino effect and share, teach and communicate yoga with so many more souls resulting in massive improvement of overall wellbeing worldwide.

    Whether you choose to work with me on our online learning platform, listen to the podcast, or participate in our community, know that I’m here for you and ready to guide you on your journey.

    Become the authentic yoga teacher you want to be!

    Investment vs Value

    Invest in your professional development to achieve your international teaching career dreams!


    $ 499
    • Pay in full


    $ 166
    x 3 months
    • Payments stop automatically.


    $ 83
    x 6 months
    • Payments stop automatically.​

    Prices are in USD.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course bundle is for every multilingual yoga teacher who wants to find their teacher’s voice and expand their vocabulary knowledge in English as a foreign language, and practise it! It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of training or (very) experienced: this is about building a stronger foundation for your communication skills to fast-track achieving your professional goals which serves any yoga teacher at any stage of their career. 

    Yes! Teaching experience is not required for the development of your vocabulary and communication in English. This course bundle is all about getting to know the language you need to teach as yourself, for your type of students. Actually, it’s the perfect first step to starting to teach in English. I recommend practising all skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) while using the Vocabulary Builder to study language in categories. This means you can immerse yourself only in the terminology that’s essential to your career.

    Yes! Just like all our other resources, this bundle is designed for non-native English speaking yoga teachers. We try to deliver our materials in the most learner-friendly way and take into account different levels of experience and learning preferences. All videos have subtitles, slides, and transcripts so that you can more easily follow the content. You can even adjust the speed of the videos. If at any point you don’t understand, you can always ask for our assistance. Silly questions don’t exist!

    You will have lifelong access to all the course materials and their updates. That means you can watch, complete and revise the videos and workbooks as many times as you like, as well as play vocabulary games, take tests and enjoy the quizzes whenever you want. 

    The videos are pre-recorded and the content of the courses are self-paced so that you can take your time and complete the materials at your own pace. The videos have a total duration of about 5 hours, but the time you spend on the Yoga Vocabulary Builder (categories, quizzes, workbooks and your (essential!) revision of them is up to you! I recommend taking your time to practise, reflect and complete all the questions, because learning a language and improving your communication isn’t something you do in one day –  it’s a way of life! 

    Your progress is the result of the work you put in.  I’m helping you and am here to guide you, but the outcome depends on your efforts. If you follow the steps, complete the activities, and keep revising them, the results will show sooner than you think! 

    Yes! All our courses include continuing education hours you can register with Yoga Alliance. This course bundle includes 5 contact hours and 5 non-contact hours. You can login or create your account here to register your CE hours.

    If you’re serious about your professional development and are committed, this course bundle will be extremely beneficial. It’s about your attitude: if you take responsibility and use the materials the way we suggest, it is impossible not to make progress! You’ll have lifetime access to all the materials and updates. Plus, you can ask us for extra support, because we’re here to offer you educational and professional guidance. For that reason, there are no refunds. If the content truly didn’t meet your expectations, get in touch so we can come to an understanding!

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