Teach Yoga in English Mini-Course

the first step to becoming a confident, English-speaking yoga teacher

Are you ready to find the courage to improve your English yoga teaching skills?

Learn and memorise new yoga vocabulary for your own yoga classes in English.

Obtain valuable, practical techniques for theming and sequencing.

See that you are capable and  gain experience for your international career.

Does this sound familiar?

Teaching yoga in a foreign language can feel tough and stressful. You worry you don’t know the words or don’t have the necessary skills and experience. Maybe you feel under pressure to do it right. Or, simply don’t know where to start and how to find the time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and I can tell you why. 

The language you learn for exams, or in a general English class, is very different from the language you need for a yoga class. It’s even more different from the language you use when you teach yoga.

So, start exploring the language you need for your job. Body parts, action verbs, phrasal verbs, inclusive language, metaphorical language to name a few. I understand it can feel overwhelming, but I’m here to help!

I know that you’re capable of learning and memorising new vocabulary and expressions...

I’m a language learner, non-native English speaker and yoga practitioner, too. I’ve been exactly where you are now and have been working with people like us for years. I understand your challenges and know how to help you overcome them. I know that you are a capable and determined yoga teacher (to be). I also know that you can learn to theme and sequence effective classes. And, as a result, offer your classes, workshops and retreats in English, worldwide.

Yoga Classes
Join me for this mini-course to learn how to teach yoga in English so that you can start offering your yoga services internationally; online or abroad.

This is for you if you:

Are ready to work on your English yoga teaching skills to teach internationally; online or abroad

Want to find out how to effectively theme and write yoga sequences your students will love

Would like to practise teaching and be part of an multilingual group of yoga teachers that offers support and understanding

What to expect?

Join us for 3 days of improving your yoga teaching skills and techniques. Learn about vocabulary, cueing and theming your yoga classes in English.

The course will take place in a private Facebook group and on our online learning platform.

Teach Yoga In English Mini-Course​

Day 1

Analyse the sequence you’ll be teaching at the end of the mini-course and learn how to expand your yoga teacher vocabulary. Select words that match your teacher’s voice and the theme of the sequence.

Day 2

Write your script and discover the memorisation techniques you’ve been looking for. Learn how to overcome your fears and remember your scripts and sequences.

Day 3

Practise what you’ve learned in a safe, supportive and developmental environment. Get real-life teaching practice and receive practical, valuable and personalised feedback.

Teach Yoga in English MINI-COURSE

You’ll get:

🌟 2 pre-recorded training to level up your skills and knowledge

🌟 12 worksheets to put your new skills into practice straight away

🌟 unlimited support, answers to your questions, and help from Annie and the community

I’m ready for professional development!

Pay in Full

3 Month Payment Plan

Are you, like Adriana 🇪🇸 ready for detailed, personal feedback to
improve your cues and teaching skills?

Meet Annie, your teacher and the
founder of Enga Unite

Hi yoga teacher, 

My name is Annie. I’m here to help you to find the courage and resources to develop your English language abilities and yoga teacher skills.

As an avid language learner and passionate English and yoga teacher, I realised how different the language we use in yoga is from the language you learn in a general English class. I knew I had to help others like you (and me) by developing a course especially and only for yoga teachers that are ready to take the next step in their career of teaching yoga in English. 

After teaching in the UK, Spain and all over Central America for years, I hosted the first English for Yoga Studio Course in Mexico. The restrictions of  Covid-19 pushed me to move everything online, which is now allowing me to help you become the confident and effective English speaking yoga teacher you want to be. 

At Enga, I share the techniques that have helped me and hundreds more of my students in our English, yoga teaching and business development journey. Enga helps you gain the skills and experience you need for the professional and self-development that you feel you don’t have yet.

Your story, learning style and goals are unique, but our challenges are very similar. Let me help you find the tools you can use to become a more confident, secure and knowledgeable multilingual yoga teacher who’s ready to teach internationally.

Teach Yoga in English: Workshop Series Annie

Alessandra 🇮🇹 knows how you feel!


We’ve got answers to your questions!

All our courses and resources are designed for a variety of levels of English learners. Some things might be more challenging than others, but we do our best to adjust to all students and learning styles. We have taught English to all levels and ages, including young children and the elderly, so we have a lot of experience in  helping people like you. We aim to meet you where you are on your learning journey in English, but please do not hesitate to get in touch in your language. We also speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch.

This course helps you build on the foundation of the teaching skills you’ve been developing. However, it helps you establish them in English. Plus, we provide you with the opportunity to actually practise teaching in the language. This course gives you the practical things you don’t get in your YTT and/or real-life experience. It’s a perfect stepping stone between your general yoga teacher training and the reality of building a stable career.

The mini-course lasts 3 days and includes live training/coaching, teaching practices and access to the online learning platform. After, you’ll have lifetime access to the course material and the community.

It’s for you if you’re ready to work on your professional development and put in real effort to learn the language of yoga, so you can  teach a bigger clientele and find amazing teaching opportunities internationally, online or abroad.

About an hour every day will give you enough time to finish the course exercises and join the live sessions. However, the course offers flexibility and you will be able to manage your time to suit other commitments. Naturally, the more time you commit to your learning process, the more you’ll see improvement.

The course curriculum contains 3 days of events and online learning. Every day includes a pre-recorded video, workbook, and one training/coaching session.  

Our community is extremely international and we love it, so we plan to accommodate as many time zones as possible when scheduling our live sessions. The live sessions will be at 14pm CEST. All live sessions are recorded and sent to your email! So, you can catch up or repeat whenever you want to.

This mini-course will be available in the future, but it won’t be free. When enrolling now, you’ll have lifetime access and will stay inside the course community and curriculum at no extra cost.

Obstacles live inside your head. Learning English, learning to teach yoga, and learning how to teach yoga in English are skills no one was born with. For some people, these skills come more naturally, but wherever you are right now, I can guarantee that you are capable of teaching yoga in English. ‘If you can do this’ – is a choice you make yourself. If you’re committed to increasing your teaching opportunities worldwide, invest your time in professional development and count on the support from an international community and team that understands you, you’re ready!

Learning English in a general class or setting doesn’t provide you with the language you need as a yogi or yoga teacher. Therefore, with your specific goal, general English classes are unlikely to be giving you what you need for your teaching career. This course is designed by English learners and English teachers who  are yogis and yoga teachers and know exactly what struggles you’re going through and how to overcome them. Receiving the support from people that truly understand you will always be faster and easier than doing it on your own. You’ve likely already spent enough time on your YTT, so now is your chance to expand your network and increase your teaching opportunities around the world.

Get ready for professional development; become the confident yoga teacher you want to be.


Allow yourself to receive help to learn, develop and experience real growth...
I improved my fluency, but we also revised grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and English expressions. I highly recommend Annie, not just because she is very prepared and gives you all the facilities, but also because she makes it easy and entertaining to learn. It seems like you are talking to a friend. She is the sweetest!
Patricia 🇪🇸
El yoga está siendo una práctica constante en mi vida. Me ha permitido ejercitarme, adquirir una mayor conciencia corporal y sentirme mejor. Este camino se lo debo en gran medida a Annie. Es una excelente maestra. Sus clases son muy variadas y te permiten explorar a través de tu propio ritmo este sendero.
Fernando 🇲🇽
Annie es una excelente maestra, tiene paciencia y explica bien. Se preocupa por qué realmente aprendas. Es excelente opción para toda persona que desea aprender inglés. Si hay algo que destacar es que Annie hace sus clases muy divertidas, con material didáctico incluido, aprender inglés con ella te gustará.
Diana 🇭🇳
I’m ready to learn how to teach yoga in English!

Pay in full

3 Month Payment Plan