What's Enga?

Online learning platform and international community of yogis and teachers.

Hi you!

Enga took ‘En’ from English and ‘ga’ from yoga

Through our online resources and events, Enga helps you improve your use of English in your yoga classes and conversations so that you can increase the quality of your teaching and grow internationally.

Enga offers educational materials and teaching experience to help you:

All our learning materials help you deepen your knowledge of the language of yoga in English, cueing, instructions and more. The self-paced materials are designed for you to improve your teaching skills in your own time.

Our live practices, (private) yoga and English conversation classes, yoga teaching workshops and courses will help you develop your skills through real life practice in groups or with 1:1 assistance. 

My name is Annie,

I’m an English and yoga teacher. After overcoming a severe eating disorder I went travelling to gain self-worth and improve my English. On my travels I felt challenged to make myself understood and fell back into old habits and bad patterns. Then, I realised my obstacle wasn’t the fight with food, but my low self-esteem and limiting beliefs

Just like you, I found yoga! Yoga sped-up my personal development. It helped me lose my fear of being judged and finally being able to express myself the way I truly wanted to. I obtained my certificates to teach English and completed 500h yoga teacher training to share my learnings and experiences with people like you and me. 

I believe you also have your story and it can sometimes feel as if you are that story. But the more I learn, the more I know that you, your body and mind are more capable than you think. 

With Enga, I combine my passion for language, personal development and yoga to help you grow as an English learner and a yogi and yoga teacher to practise and lead your classes confidently. 

¨Practice, and all will come¨.

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Founder | English Teacher | Yoga Teacher | Content Creator

Why do I speak English?

I was taught English, German, Dutch and French at school and have always been interested in languages and cultures and started travelling at a young age. During my travels I realised the importance of communication and developed a passion for the English language. I loved it so much, that I got my teacher certificate to help others in a similar position broaden their horizons and become fluent in English.

Why do I practise yoga?

After years of fighting a severe eating disorder, yoga finally taught me ‘to be ok’ with the unknownNowadays it helps me to stay confident and motivated to keep developing myself in all aspects of life, as well as joy and fulfilment practising with you!


Marta Elena

Content Creator | English Teacher | Yoga Practitioner

Why do I speak English?

I was born in Scotland to Scottish parents who speak English, French and Italian, and I have inherited their obsession with language. 

Growing up speaking English, I was always interested in Romance languages. So, I spent years living in Spain after qualifying as an English teacher and have been enjoying teaching all ages and abilities ever since. 

Why do I practise yoga?

Practising yoga heals and strengthens my ex-dancer’s body. It creates balance in my mind. Through yoga I can peacefully connect to reality, my body’s power and its spiritual depth.

Want to see your name here?


Yoga is international and teaching yoga in English even more so. Three know more than two, so we’re always looking for collaborators and other yoga enthusiasts that would like to share their expertise with us and our community. 


If you are or once were an English learner and:

  • teach (adaptive) yoga of any kind
  • are active in wellness 
  • simply have a great idea


Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can explore the possibilities here.