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Revolutionise Your Purpose to Build a Sustainable Yoga Career

In this blog, we elaborate on our previous post. There I explained how to unite your authentic qualities. Specifically, we’ll dive into how you can revolutionise your purpose to build a sustainable yoga career.

I just got back from a 4 day festival in the desert of Morocco where I connected with 70 nomads on a conscious entrepreneurial journey. All of them built their business own their terms to either move abroad or have the freedom to travel and work from wherever they want. Some do this through offering somatic practices. Others help you work through childhood conditioning. Again others offer tools like Human Design or Sound Healing. The beauty of this is that we’re so diverse, but all unite through the intention of doing meaningful work.

Among our community members I see the same desire. To quit the office job that doesn’t fulfil you; break free from doing what you think you’re expected to do; stop taking on jobs only to pay the bills; or find ways to stop playing small, because your inner critic doesn’t fully believe you’re capable to choose the life you want (yet).

I know that you’re more than ‘just’ a yoga teacher and that you have a package of skills, experiences and expertise that make you you. A package that you can turn into your business or career. To build the life you want, experience freedom and fulfilment and do purpose-driven work.

If you feel stuck, contemplating your yoga business or international career… 🔥🌍

It may be that you’re overthinking the tools and practices you could offer, instead of leading with your true purpose.

What I mean with that, is that for example:

  • You overthink how you can create a class package.
  • How you can combine your experience teaching yoga and hosting women circles.
  • How to shape your meditation practices.

In other words, you overthink the structure of the tools you want to offer.

Yoga teachers often get stuck, thinking of profitable ideas. But that truly isn’t sustainable. Instead you want to lay the foundation of your international yoga business by gaining clarity on your reason why.

In this training, I want to help you shift your perspective and build your career with intention, nurturing a lasting impact. It’ll help you to break free from the conventional path and explore a deeper understanding of the elements that set you up for success.

Let’s recap how to unite your authentic qualities for entrepreneurial success.

  1. Knowing and embracing your unique qualities for entrepreneurial success is often blocked by three key barriers: self-doubt, lack of experience, and gaps in education. To overcome these barriers, you’ll need to invest in all three of them.

    Whether it’s building confidence, gaining experience, or gaining more education, they form a relationship. Education leads to experience, and experience cultivates confidence. Then this confidence helps you to gain more of the first two too. They create a domino effect that’s essential for entrepreneurial success.
  2. To unite your authentic qualities look at your life experiences, education, skills and transferable skills, hobbies, interests, and passions. Uniting these allows you to craft a business model authentic to you. A specific service with specific outcome.

    Apart from that you build a career based on passion-driven work. This in return attracts committed students, that seek these specific outcomes. This commitment leads to a fulfilling teaching experience and helps you stand out as a service provider, teacher, coach or whatever you want to call yourself.

In summary, each piece—confidence, experience, education, and unique qualities—fit together like a puzzle. By addressing each of them individually, you create a path for a purposeful and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey!

If you want to dive deeper into how to unite these qualities or recognise them, I highly suggest to read the blog, watch the replay on Instagram or listen to it on our podcast.

Why your business starts with you, not an idea that seems profitable.

or how to revolutionise your purpose to build a sustainable international yoga career.

When working with coaching clients, I see it time and time again. Most people are overthinking ‘what’ they want to create, instead of ‘why’. The ‘what’ is important too, but it comes much later.

You may overthink what you’re going to create, because of the three barriers I told you about earlier. (Self-doubt, lack of experience, and gaps in education). But it could also be that you simply don’t know where to start or lack knowledge of business processes and marketing.

The reason why you’re doing it is the most important. The ‘why’ informs ‘how’ you’re going to do it. And ‘how’ decides ‘what’ you’ll eventually create. This concept I was taught by Simon Sinek and it’s what I teach you in much more depth in our International Business Foundation course. It helps you to shift your perspective.

Instead of building a career from a place of scarcity, limiting beliefs, comparison, or fear of failure it helps you operate from a place of abundance and fulfilment. Allowing you to trusting your path, purpose, and process.

Understanding your ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what’ are the key pillars of your entrepreneurial journey. They guide your vision, goal-setting, work ethics and shape your approach to crafting your services.

‘Why,’ ‘How,’ and ‘What’

As mentioned in the International Business Foundation course I teach you how to become ultra clear on what these three words mean for you personally and in your business. We’ll:

  • Unveil the ‘why’: Discovering your purpose, values, and calling.
  • Explore the ‘how’: Identifying your skills, interests, and fulfilling actions.
  • Define the ‘what’: How ‘why’ and ‘how’ shape your services, products, and offerings

Uniting your ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what’ are essence or the foundation of your business identity. They define your decision-making, the way you work and your product creation. For now, to revolutionise your purpose to build a sustainable international yoga career start by gaining clarity on your reason why. Your reason why should be a fusion of purpose, desire, values, and inner calling.

If you want to build a sustainable and fulfilling international business or career path, but you feel stuck because of these things. I suggest to have a think and possibly journal on the things or activities that:

  • Light you up
  • Make you feel alive
  • Make you feel connected
  • Make you feel aligned
  • Bring you a sense of joy, freedom, fulfilment
  • You can speak about all day

And also, the type of questions you love answering.

All of these, usually will be part of your reason why!

Launch & Expand Your International Career Programme

If you want to set yourself up for a purposeful career, equip yourself with skills, knowledge, and a network for global yoga business success. I’d love for you to join the waitlist for the Launch & Expand Your International Career Programme. Apart from the ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘what’ you’ll:

  • Explore business models, teaching formats: in-person and online teaching, and product creation
  • Choose the language(s) you want work with in your business or career
  • Define your ideal client and get the tools for effective market research.
  • Understand social visibility, decide on your social channels, and find out what to post
  • Receive effective methods for project management and implementing growth strategies

And of course, this programme will include personalised guidance for your unique yoga business or career path. Check out the programme here and sign up to the waitlist! Your dreams are worth it, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. 🤗🚀

To conclude today’s training, to revolutionise your purpose and build a sustainable international yoga career, the essence lies in aligning your personal values and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Shift from the practical ‘What type of products, services, or offerings should I create?’ to ‘What’s my mission and purpose?’. Reflect on your motivations to recognise the force behind your entrepreneurial goals.

Take a moment to look at what truly inspires you, what fuels your passion, and what resonates deeply within your being. I see your business as an extension of who you are, an embodiment of your values and aspirations. So let all the qualities that make you you unite and be the path towards a purposeful and successful entrepreneurial yoga career.

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