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Yoga school for multilingual yoga teachers who want to teach yoga in English, internationally.

A free video guide for multilingual yoga teachers that are ready to teach more confidently and more effectively.

    Teach Yoga in English

    Are you scared of teaching yoga in English? Of being unable to find the right words for your cues ? Or afraid you’ll forget your sequence

    Do you compare yourself to others, believing that you don’t have what it takes to teach yoga in English? 

    Do you want to truly connect with your students and teach effective, accessible, inclusive yoga classes in English? 

    We know that just speaking English is completely different to teaching in English. So let us help you with your professional development as an international yoga teacher. Learn the language of cueing and teaching techniques you need for your English yoga teaching career..

    Enga Unite is the place for you to develop your skills, actively put your new knowledge into practice and to confidently start teaching yoga internationally!

    Actually practice teaching classes in English and get personalised, quality feedback

    Practice with our library of classes,
    live on Zoom in a group or private 1:1

    Join us for our live workshops, training and courses or complete whenever you want to.

    General English classes with a focus on wellness, yoga asana and English combined or find the help you need with starting your own international yoga business.


    This is what some of the teachers in our community have said:

    Alessandra, 🇮🇹

    ‘I gained more confidence in teaching a class, I learned a lot of new verbs and vocabulary… and I know how to structure and cue a class. I’d recommend studying with Annie because she’s super prepared, helpful and supportive’

    Adriana, 🇪🇸

    ‘I especially enjoyed joining the teaching practices when Annie gave me some really great and detailed feedback on the way I was cueing and I learnt a lot on inclusive language… I also got some great ideas on theming my own classes’

    Roberta, 🇮🇹

    Annie transmits sweetness in her tone of voice and is quite precise in her explanation of the asanas and the breathI really like how she teaches, she’s has a sweet and steady vibe. And… I like improving my English with her classes.