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Teaching yoga in English starts here!​​

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At Enga, we help you confidently teach yoga in English and build your international career.

We offer continuing education for multilingual yoga teachers to help you feel authentic, confident, capable, free, and fulfilled

Marjo, Belgium

Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist & Lifestyle Coach

Languages: French, Dutch, English

I only knew 20 English words before I started the course, look at me now after just a few months!

This course isn’t just about language; it’s about developing your self-expression to becoming an authentic well-being facilitator and realise your dreams.

It’s my dream to host yoga retreats and Ayurvedic workshops in the Seychelles and I trust Annie’s support to make it happen.

It’s our mission to make your learning journey personal, effective, focused, and fun!

We understand that everyone’s unique. You have your own character, story, skills, and experiences. 

Teaching yoga is deeply personal and you want to express yourself in your own way. That’s why we firmly believe your learning journey needs a personalised approach, be fun and focussed on your career objectives. 

We’re here to provide you with effective tools to empower you to find your voice and teach with confidence so that you can build a thriving career sharing your passion for yoga with the world and be unapologetically yourself.

"Enga's support makes my dreams come true!"

Teach Yoga in English

Starter's Bundle

$ 450 Payment plans available

1. Your Yoga in English
A 7-day mini-course to immerse yourself in the most basic yoga vocabulary. The perfect start of your Teach Yoga in English journey!

2. Essentials
Become aware of your role as a yoga teacher; define what it means to you and decide on the categories of words that match your style and you want to focus your learning on.

3. Find Your Voice
Analyse your pronunciation, intonation, and the energy you transmit by the way you use your voice. Learn how to optimally use and project your voice to cue and communicate intentionally, with clarity and compassion.

4. Yoga Vocabulary Builder
Learn the words you truly need for leading asana classes, meditation and mindfulness practices in a fun and personalised way with our interactive dictionary.


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Check out our free resources

English Grammar & Yoga Vocabulary test

Find out what you already know and what you could improve about your yoga teaching language skills by taking this test.

10 Tips for Multilingual Yoga teachers

Overcome mindset blocks and improve your teaching skills by watching this video series of ten tips for multilingual yoga teachers.

QUIZ: What’s your style of teaching voice?

Discover how you communicate with your students and follow your personalised plan to build on the foundation of your teaching career.


Your Yoga in English

Train your listening skills and get inspired by like-minded wellness professionals, while learning how to improve your yoga teacher skills, knowledge and expertise for a thriving career.  


Teach Yoga in English Support Group

Meet our incredible community of multilingual yoga teachers who are on the exact same journey as you. 

Find support, share your ideas, ask for feedback and join our weekly live training sessions.

The Blog 

Check out the blog to develop your overall teaching skills, language, communication, and business knowledge! 

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Meet Annie Dunhof

Founder of Enga Unite, English Teacher, Yoga Teacher (500RYT) and Teacher Trainer

Just like you, I’m a multilingual yoga teacher and I believe that you know something your students need to learn. That’s why it’s my purpose to help you teach with confidence and give you the tools to expand your career internationally. 

At Enga, I share my expertise building a thriving online yoga school and years of experience teaching English and yoga to students all over the world. 

It’s my mission to help you gain access to jobs and business opportunities globally so that together, we can continue to share the benefits our beautiful practice has to offer with people worldwide. 

My team and I spend our days working hard to provide you with the linguistic, personal and professional development that you need to grow as an English learning yoga teacher (to be). 

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