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How to Teach Yoga Effectively

Listen to our podcast episode: Teaching Yoga In English Effectively with Annie. The language of teaching yoga (asana) in English internationally is specific. It’s direct, physical

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Clean & Cleanse

Spring for many of us means a new beginning. In some countries, it even means the start of a new year. It’s the perfect time

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Spend Your Energy Wisely

Let’s apply yogic philosophy to your modern life and learn how to spend your energy wisely. Brahmacharya is probably the most confusing Yamas of all.

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Are you a thief?

Are you a thief? Integrate Asteya and Aparigraha In Your Life. In yoga we often speak about the Yamas. The yamas are social ethical principles.

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Merry Christmas

Clean Seasonal Recipes

Clean Seasonal Recipes By Anka’s Vegan Kitchen This Christmas Anka’s sharing some unique and delicious recipes with us to try at home! Don’t know what

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Yoga Myths

There are lots of myths surrounding yoga. Sometimes your mind looks for any excuse not to do something that challenges you. So, if you excuse yourself for not having to practise yoga

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What is Yoga?!

“Yoga is primarily a practice intended to make someone wiser, more able to understand things than they were before”. Ask 10 people, and you will

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